7. Risk

7.1        The following risks have been identified

• Political : change in Government policy/• member support / approval/ political personalities/ new political arrangements.

• Economic: economic downturn/prosperity of local businesses / local communities

• Regulatory: legislation and internal policies/regulations including Health & Safety at Work Act, Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Human Rights, Race Equality and Diversity, Disability Discrimination Act, Employment Law, TUPE, Environmental legislation etc.

• Finance issues: grant funding conditions/loss of/reduction in income/funding, increase in energy costs/ Budgetary pressures/financial management arrangements/investment decisions/sustainable economic growth/affordability models and financial checks/ inadequate insurance cover

• Legal: challenges/ judicial reviews or public interest reports

• System weaknesses :fraud opportunities

• Reputation • negative publicity (local and national), increase in complaints

• Staffing: loss of key staff, recruitment, training and retention issues/ capacity issues – availability, sickness absence etc

• Assets: building maintenance issues

• ICT and information: security,/ data protection

• Quality issues / reduced service delivery – impact on vulnerable groups

• Vulnerable people: policies and procedures

The above will be managed by consultation with;

  1. The authorities involved in WOLIB; WCC NWBC.
  2. The Voluntary support organisations; WCAVA, LOCALTY
  3. Legal Support from Evans Derry Solicitors
  4. Member of Parliament currently The Rt Hon Daniel Byles FRGS MP