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About Us

About Us


Volunteers have run the Library ever since it was due to be closed back in 2011. It underwent a substantial refit before it reopened in 2012 with charitable status as Water Orton Library & Community Centre.

The books are still supplied by the council, but around 80 volunteers help to run the library, with  jobs including the staffing itself, cleaning, gardening and fund raising, such as a coffee and cake morning every Saturday morning. If you can spare some time and would be interested in helping out please contact us.

Not just a Library

As a central hub of the village, the building is also used as a community centre, for police and local council advice surgeries, for example.

It is also home to local organisations and societies such as: Silver Surfers Computer Club; Historical Society; Reading Group; WOW (Water Orton Women); Ladybirds Group; Cinema in the library; Coffee Mornings; Child Care; Keyboard Classes; Job Club, and hopefully many more to follow.