2. Business Vision

Mission Statement:

2.1  ‘To provide a library service and community centre facilities giving key outreach services for use by the inhabitants of Water Orton and the surrounding villages in a safe environment.’

This business has been created to provide a venue for local learning and leisure activity, with a thriving library at its heart. Set up in response to a County Council plan to close the existing library, the business will not only seek to maintain the library provision, but to turn it into a sustainable venture by combining it with a plan to make the venue capable of hosting educational, cultural and leisure events in line with local demand.

2.2  We aim to provide a venue offering something to everyone in the area and our objectives are specifically to:

• maintain the existing library service for the people of the area
• provide a venue for hire by local groups
• make the venture sustainable in the long term

2.3  It is anticipated that the impact of this venture will be considerable. Firstly it will ensure that the local population will have access to a local library service into the foreseeable future. Secondly it will also make a significant contribution to the cultural and recreational life of the village, through the events organised there by local groups, and the business itself.