3. Organisation

3.1          Water Orton Library and Community Centre is currently an incorporated steering group of local volunteers but will shortly become a company limited by guarantee and will seek charitable status.

3.2          The current steering group is made up of the following, who are expected to become the first board members/directors of the company.

Steering Group
Cllr Raymond Payne –  NWBC
Cllr Joan Lea – NWBC, WCC
Cllr Allan Holland  –  NWBC
Cllr Wendy Rees – Water Orton Parish Council
Cllr Lynda Davis ALA – Water Orton Parish Council

Executive Committee Officers Trustees
Chairman: Cllr A F Holland
Vice Chair: Cllr Lynda Davis
Treasurer: Cllr Wendy Rees
Secretary: Jill Turner MCLIP,BA
Assistant Secretary: Shirley Turner
Community Liaison: Jill Turner, Gill Day
Community Library Champion: Katie Trow
Building: DJ Cox
Borough Council Liaison: Cllr Ray Payne
County Council Liaison: Cllr Joan Lea
Parish Council Liaison: Cllr Lynda Davis
Fundraising: Leaders: Cllr Ray Payne, Cllr Holland


Carole Truman, Joy Newman,  Elaine  Ashworth, Jenny Flowers,  Sue Boucher

3.3        The Board will make all decisions relating to the running of the company in line with its Memorandum and Articles of Association. (Appendix II). It is not envisaged that staff will be taken on in the first year of the company as the manning of the library and associated functions will be handled by volunteers. This will however be reviewed at the end of year one.