4. Market Analysis: present and future

4.1          The library is housed in an existing building owned by the County Council. It offers a wide range of library services, but does not currently offer access to the internet. The current market for the library is not large, and this has contributed to its current unsustainable financial position, leading the council to consider its disposal.

4.2          The current marketplace does not offer a similar service elsewhere. In the vicinity is a church hall and a village hall, but neither offer the cultural a and more intimate hireable space that is provided by WOLIB&CC.

4.3          Demand for the retention of the library service is high. Public meetings and local news coverage have resulted in a clear focus in favour or retaining the library and 80 volunteers have come forward to help. The parish, district and county councils support the plan to retain the library under the control of WOLIB&CC. The following organisations have been consulted and are in favour:

·         The Local police PCSO centre
·         Job Seekers Club
·         Silver Surfers Computer Skills
·         Reading Group
·         Water Orton Parish Council
·         BOB Community outreach Hub
·         Water Orton and District Historical society
·         Water Orton Youth Club
·         Water Orton Tennis Club
·         Ladybirds
·         Music Keyboard Class
·         Water Orton Nursing Home
·         Water Orton Women
·         Water Orton Methodist Church
·         Water Orton Primary School
·         CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)
·         Water Orton Protection Group
·         Company of the Curtain
·         Tenants Forum

4.1            Plans include: refurbishing the library building, offering internet access, refitting and extending the toilet/kitchen facilities and adjusting the building layout so that hireable spaces can be created. This work will take place in three stages over three years.

4.2            SWOT analysis:


Wholesale community support and qualified a sound managemet team together with 80 volunteers.


The ability to run as a business to ensure a fiscal surplus year on year.


To create a full community and information centre for the this and surrounding villages.


Threat of WCC, NWBC, British Government, EU, and utility provider’s policy changes.